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Apr 30, 2020


Sid Sexton - Sexton Lawn and Landscaping - New employee and customer communication methods in tense times.

David Zach - Futurist - Fad, Trends, and Principles - How to think NOT about what is changing, but what things will never change.

Marquis Forge - "Congratulations, Cam, on your client telling you 'No.' Now...

Apr 28, 2020


Patty Vanderpool - CEO - EAP Lifestyle Management - Managing fear and increasing TOV (threat of violence) upon returning to work.

Bill Kleinschrodt - President - Transworld Business Advisors - Businesses for sale due to Covid and generous assistance offered by SBA.

Jeff Roberts - Yellowhammer Coffee - Sales...

Apr 27, 2020

Chris Cockrell and his team are utilizing today's newest technologies to create some cool, very cool, things. From partnering with the "nanny to the stars", Nanny Connie via augmented reality, to creating training simulations for high-risk jobs at the top of cell towers using virtual reality, 3rd Realm Creations is...

Apr 23, 2020

Special Live Edition - 


Nikki Morgan & James Taylor - Regions Bank - CARES Act and retirement funds. 

Dr Elizabeth Lombardo - Managing stress, recognizing the Red Zone, and taking time 3 times per day 5 mins each time.

Brad Israel - Motivation and Inspiration.

Text Offers: Send whatsworking to 44222.

Apr 21, 2020

Futurist Richard Worzel - Strategies for small business & "back-casting" to prepare for the return to normalcy.

Rebecca Byrne - Community Foundation of South Alabama - New grants available for non-profits.

Terry Richey - Associate Pastor, Spring Hill Baptist Church.