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Feb 11, 2019

Adam Blumenfeld is the CEO of Varsity Brands. With sales over $1.9 Billion, they touch tens of thousands of school systems throughout the country and abroad. Last year they sewed their one billionth rhinestone on a cheerleading uniform, where Varsity Brands dominates the cheer market and hosts over 400,000 girls and boys at their cheer camps every year. They are Disney's largest customer through their cheer camps. But it's not all sports equipment, uniforms, and the like. Through Varsity Brands, Adam and his team are working with schools to boost school spirit, increase children's activity, and develop pride in their school. An undeniable parallel exists between a student's activities, their school pride, and their GPA. It's an ancillary value they offer that is sorely needed and, frankly, keeps Amazon at bay.