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Jun 30, 2020

Johnny Gwin - Deep Fried Studios - The business of podcasting - The ins and outs of content marketing via podcasts.

LC May - Clyde May's Alabama Style Whiskey - What he's been up to since Corona Virus. 

Jun 29, 2020

Ed Bridgman's background is in studying efficiency and eliminating waste. He was on the first team that developed the Six Sigma research and design process for which they won the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige Award. Ed then began practicing what he'd been teaching when he began the first modern RV community in the area....

Jun 25, 2020

Chester Elton - Author - How to reset your workplace culture - what do people want in their workplace - how to make it happen.

Jun 23, 2020

**Due to technical hiccups, the podcast begins part way through the interview. Very sorry. There’s a difference between having brilliance and having capability. We have buckets of the former, a bit thin on the latter.

Melanie Miller & Rosshiki Leatherwood - Diversity, Inclusion, and Inherent Bias - What are the...

Jun 22, 2020

LuAnn has been on the show before. We loved her. She's open and kind and compassionate and I don't even work for her! She's even more so to her people and her customers and we're glad to have met her. We check back in to see how she's handled the new world, her plans for re-opening (her team has called 100 of their...